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We aim to always bring you an exceptional soft washing experience.

Sometimes, we are presented with opportunities in life that lead us in a different direction than we ever thought we would take. That is what happened when Tracy Steele, the owner here at Xpert Pro Wash, came across the soft washing method for cleaning the exterior surfaces of residential and commercial properties. It only took seeing a few “before & after” results from some of his friends in the soft washing industry to be hooked and have a desire to bring this innovative process to the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

About Xpert Pro Wash in Knoxville, TN

Tracy quickly learned that the SoftWash system was the way to go and worked toward becoming SoftWash Systems Certified, SWS Sanitized Certified, and Good Stewards Certified. Tracy has been joined by Angie Steele as an owner and partner in the business, and both are committed to ensuring we continue to offer the best services possible. In fact, we went the extra mile to join The Seal.com so that customers could verify through a 3rd party that we are licensed, insured, and our team has undergone extensive background checks. We have also invested heavily in the quality equipment needed to do the job right. And, as of today, we have elevated our shield status within the SWS network to Authorized Professional. This sets us apart from other companies in the area you may be familiar with. This was achieved by completing extensive training and proficiencies, demonstrating our expertise in the exterior cleaning process.

We didn’t have to go through all this hard work or expense. Many who offer soft washing do not. But we wouldn’t have it any other way because building relationships and being a respected member of our community is important to us. Doing things the right way is just the way we roll, and we believe you’ll appreciate the value we have to offer for your commercial and residential soft washing needs. Reach out to us and see for yourself what makes us the team to trust!