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Our deck washing service will exceed your expectations.

Aren’t decks great? They add value and livable space to your home, and they are beautiful places to spend time with your loved ones, whether you are eating, socializing, playing, or resting in each other’s company. However, to keep enjoying all the benefits of your deck, you will need to get it cleaned once in a while. With a professional deck washing service, your deck will look fantastic and be free of stains and dirt.

Deck Washing in Knoxville, Tennessee

If you have looked into deck washing before, you may know that pressure washing is a popular way to clean decks. It’s understandable given that it only uses water and you can get it done fairly cheap. However, pressure washing is not a great way to clean your deck because it is known to cause damage to many surfaces. Whether your deck is made of real wood or composite materials, pressure washing can split the wood, strip its stain, and damage the fibers.

If you want a professional deck washing service that offers value, we are here to exceed your expectations. We use soft washing to clean decks, and this method is a safe alternative to pressure washing. Instead of blasting water to the surface, we use low-pressure water and cleaning products to kill the bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, and other harmful substances that are making your deck dirty and grimy. Once we’re done, you will be able to see exceptional results that will last four to six times longer than they would with pressure washing.

At Xpert Pro Wash, we are proud to offer a deck washing service that is safe and effective. If you need deck washing at your Knoxville, Tennessee home, contact us today.